Is There A Link To Overall Health & Dental Health?

how oral hygiene directly influences your body health

Nowadays, may discoveries in medicine have provided a better understanding of how our organs and body systems interact with one another to enhance functional efficiency or, sometimes, improve the pathogenicity of diseases. Recently, a connection between oral health and heart disease has been noted, and in turn, this leads us to ask: “is there a link to overall health & dental health?”

the importance of oral hygiene on your body

Why Is Oral Health Important?

The overall well-being or health of a person is highly related to the functions of its adjacent organs. Systemic diseases related to oral health may be in the works in your mouth, and it is important to read studies on the relationship between oral hygiene and the onset of other diseases. It is important to do so to better understand how poor dental care can impact your overall wellness.

The state of your oral health may affect your overall health; or it may also indicate that you are suffering from underlying diseases. In general, the association between poor oral hygiene and infected teeth has been emphasized; however, how it is linked with a person’s overall health is still rather vague.

Is There A Link To Overall Health & Dental Health? Yes, And Here’s the Proof

Because of these predicaments, medical research has prioritized finding a direct link between a healthy mouth – including elements such as the gum, teeth, etc. – and overall health. Here are a few examples proving how related oral health and overall health can be:

1. Recent studies suggest that unregulated tonsil infections can lead to heart disease.
2. Bad breath can indicate sinus infections – which when left untreated, can cause meningitis – and stomach ulcers.
3. An infected gum (periodontal) can cause localized inflammation, which when left untreated, may lead to systemic sepsis. This is just one of the systemic diseases related to oral health.
4. Untreated periodontal infections can lead to infected nerves which are rooted deep in your teeth. In turn, root canal services are necessary to remove the puss and kill the nerves and prevent the bacteria from spreading to the jaw and other nerves in the mouth.

The importance of good oral hygiene is now more apparent than it ever was, especially now that many diseases manifest as symptoms found in the mouth and vice versa. It answers the question, “is there a link to overall health & dental health?” There are many ways to save yourself from experiencing illnesses, and one of them is through proper oral hygiene.

how oral hygiene directly influences your body health

Practice Oral Hygiene to Prevent Systemic Diseases Related to Oral Health

Observing proper oral hygiene practices can help you not only take care of your teeth but also to ensure a high standard of life as these practices enhance illness prevention. To further help you differentiate healthy and unhealthy oral hygiene practices, you can consult your nearest dental clinic; you may also do your own research.

Together, you can formulate strategies to help protect your mouth better against infections which in turn can help you keep you healthy. Remember, good oral hygiene means better teeth – which further means better overall health.