Supplements That Can Help Keep Teeth Healthy & Strong

The tooth is an important part of the body; but it is rather worrisome that people care less about the care and maintenance of this vital organ of the body. There have been issues regarding receding gums in many people which have caused great hardships to such people and just like if you had wrist issues you would get the best wrist wraps for bench pressing, you would want to get something to with your teeth health.

Do you know the importance of:  CoQ10; CALCIUM;  VITAMIN D ; VITAMIN C; OMEGA -3 FATTY ACIDS; PROBIOTICS AND PREBIOTICS. The importance of each is presented below. Enjoy.


If you desire that strong teeth of your dreams; if you want to maintain it at all times; then it is strongly recommended that you chew 60mg of CoQ10 on a daily basis. Early research points to the fact that when people take CoQ10, it will help shrink the swelling caused by gum disease.


Calcium should be present in your jawbone in form of a mineral to ensure strong jawbone. Deficiency of calcium leads to weakened jawbone; when that happens, the foundation of the teeth becomes weakened and the teeth automatically get loosened.


Calcium is very pivotal to strong and healthy teeth as explained above; but this supplement cannot be absorbed easily into the body without Vitamin D. That is where this supplement comes in-working hand in hand with calcium. You need a required dose of this supplement on a daily basis to make assurance doubly sure that issues will not crop up. Another great way to boost Vitamin D is to also try one of the best selling testosterone boosters in 2017 as they have high amounts of Vitamin D.


This is yet another highly important supplement to maintain strong teeth in the body. Collagen in the mouth region will help keep your teeth attached to your gum. The building block for this is Vitamin C. Can you therefore realize the importance of it to the health of the teeth? Results have shown that people who consume less than 60g of this each day are 150% at the risk of gum decay.


If you want to maintain that strong teeth 365 days round the clock year in year out; then you must ensure that omega-3 fatty acids is taken regularly. People with low intake stand a risk of gum decay. It produces an inflammatory effect on your mouth which reduces the chance of weak gum and teeth; and of course, gum inflammation.


This is another equally useful antidote that you can rely on to combat issues that leads to weakened teeth. This is a therapy that is used to maintain oral health. There is a bacterium that produce offensive odor in the mouth; probiotics will checkmate such bacteria in the mouth. It is also a good way to reduce gum inflammation coupled with plague formation caused by microbial growth. Prebiotics on its part gives the probiotics the power to exert its influence on the gum by boosting as well as aiding their immunity.


Many people cannot smile in the public. If some do, issues will follow. You deserve a wide grin in public. It will boost your confidence and make you feel younger.