Want to Please Your Kids’ Palate Have These Foods on Your Next Party

Are your kids picky eaters? If yes, be sure to choose your menu wisely. Remember, it’s common for kids to pick foods based on appearance. They’ll eat what attracts their attention. Just be sure that the menu you have is healthy and really appetising. To keep you guided, check out this short list of kid-approved foods so that you’ll know what dishes, desserts, and mini chocolate eclairs to buy for your next party:

mini chocolate eclairs to buy

1. Healthy Fried Foods

Are your kids fond of running around while eating? Or are they just looking forward to that crunchy and crispy fried food? If yes, be sure to have healthy alternatives to their favourite deep fried finger foods. You can have chicken fillet soaked in buttermilk, parmesan fish sticks, and tacos. Just add some fresh vegetable cuts or sticks to make their plate healthier. Or better yet, find health-oriented provider of food services companies you can hire to prepare the dishes.

2. Desserts

After a hearty meal, serve healthy desserts. Look for banana breads, Pavlovas, and mini chocolate eclairs to buy from a world-class bakery. Consider the cost of the desserts without compromising the quality. It’s also good to have cakes, pies, breads, and tarts.

3. Salads

Having desserts might be enough for adults. But we’re talking about children. And kids seem to have a never-ending appetite for good food. This is the reason you should also serve salads. It would be good to have those healthy ones, which could be fruit or vegetable salad. You could also have both. Just have a list on all the ingredients, condiments, and mini chocolate eclairs to buy to avoid going overboard on your budget.

4. Sweets Treats

Aside from salads and desserts, kids would also love to indulge in sweet treats, such as candies and chocolates. These are foods they’d love to have in their pockets as they play around. Good thing you can buy meringue kisses online, which doesn’t cost much. You can buy these in bulk to save. And it’s also wise to limit your kids’ consumption of sweets. Or better yet, turn to vegan alternatives, such as carrot or potato sticks dipped in honey or buttermilk.

5. Shakes, Juices, and Other Beverages

Lastly, keep kids hydrated with fresh fruit or vegetable juices or shakes. Be sure to find the best food service companies to prepare these beverages with fresh ingredients. It also helps to ask kids the kinds of drinks or beverages they want so ensure they’ll accept what’s being served at the party.

Kids might be picky. But the trick to attract their appetite is really in the food presentation and taste itself. They don’t care much about other factors adults usually think about. If you’re planning for a kids’ party, perhaps The Country Chef Bakery Co can help with the sweet treats and desserts. Baking since 1952, the company has a long list recipes of baked goods you can choose from, be it desserts, breads, pikelets, eclairs, or crumpets. Just visit or call the office for more inquiries.