What are the warmest winter coats for your dog?

Not all dogs are blessed with a double coat that will help keep them warm during the cold winter months. Alaskan malamutes and huskies have such thick coats, that they don’t need extra protection from the chilly weather. Other dogs, however, don’t have that kind of winter protection. This is why they need the wool dog coats BitchNewYork has in their catalog.

Are wool coats the warmest dog coats around? Are there other alternatives to wool coats? What other options are there for your dogs when it comes to winter apparel?

Winter coat options for your pet

Winter dog coats come in many different designs and materials. There are some that are made of a combination of fabrics. There are also a few that are made of just one warm material. The options you have for winter coats for your dog, aside from the wool dog coats BitchNewYork has on their catalog, include the following:

  • Lined coats – Coats that have a faux fur or fleece lining are some of the options you can choose for your dog to wear in winter. Fleece lined dog coats are often made of a lightweight material outside and a fleece lining inside. These give the dog ample warmth without the coat being too heavy for them to wear.
  • Waterproof coats – One of the reasons why dogs feel chilly during winter is because of the wet snow that gets on their skin. Waterproof coats help keep your dog warm because it won’t let the cold wet snow to get on their body.
  • Wraparound parka – These are often made out of a combination of materials that include a waterproof outer shell and a fleece or faux fur lining. Wrap-around parkas and jackets give your dog protection from the cold since these are usually padded or quilted.

Considerations you need to make when choosing winter dog coats

Finding dog cold weather coats should come with a bit of research. Not all winters are the same, and not all dogs have the same tolerance for the cold. Before you buy that dog coat, here are a couple of things to ponder over:

  • How cold does winter get in your area? If you live in an area that is known for its harsh winters, you should find the warmest coat for your dog. If it is not that cold, a mid-weight coat should suffice. Don’t choose an overly warm coat for your dog, since this will cause them to overheat.
  • Do you use a harness or collar on your dog? You also need to think about the other accessories you use on your dog when you walk them. Not all coats are designed for use with a harness. Some don’t have that big a neck opening for a collar. Check the designs at a dog apparel store for coats that fit what your dog uses for walks.

If you are thinking of buying one of the wool dog coats BitchNewYork has, you might want to check the other options they have as well. If you live in an area that is not that cold, a fleece lined coat will do. If your dog has to survive freezing winters, wool coats offer more insulation and warmth.

Whichever you choose, you will find that a visit to https://www.bitchnewyork.com/collections/dog-coats is all you need, since they have a wide selection of dog coats for you to choose from.