Dental Injuries Caused by Playing Basketball

Basketball is one of the sports that you wouldn’t think would cause that many injuries but in fact there is a high number of injuries every year from sprains to general trauma, which can also include dental trauma or injuries of the mouth. If you have watched a basketball game, you can see that the game can quickly become violent at times. Falling down on one’s face or having your mouth elbowed can cause the teeth to get chipped or to break. However, getting one’s teeth entangled on the net can cause the teeth to get forcibly detached from the gums, causing a serious dental injury.

Accidents that involve dental injuries due to teeth entanglement on the net are usually caused by a lowered backboard, which we don’t recommened (you can find a review of the best portable basketball goals and a review of in ground basketball hoops that we recommend to help prevent mouth injuries) or by the high take-off point of the player. When he slam dunk a ball and the backboard is low, he can underestimate the distance and jump too high. When goes down his teeth can be caught by the netting of the hoop. This results in a forceful detachment of the teeth from the gums, which can be painful and might need immediate attention. Children may be injured the same way when playing basketball on their lowered hoops. They might imitate the movement of their favorite basketball stars and end up losing several teeth when they accidentally get caught in the netting.

To prevent these accidents from happening, it is important to choose the best portable and in-ground basketball goals. Since the usual cause of dental injury is the incorrect height of the backboard, choosing the best basketball goals will help solve the issue.

On top of finding the right basketball goals to use at home we also recommend that players always wear mouth guards as they help to protect teeth and gums from impacts from basketballs, elbows, knees and anything else that could happen during a game. Many players don’t like wearing mouth guards because they say it is uncomfortable and hard to communicate with teammates but with the new mouth guards out on the market today you should be able to find one that is comfortable and works for you.

These are just some of the preventagive measures you can take to help make sure that if you or your child is playing basketball that they have a great time doing it and stay injury free, espcially helping keep all their teeth if at all possible.